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Are you requesting a donation?

Please email or call (989)246-9140 with the following information:
Organization organizing the event
Name of the event
Event Date
Address where we can send a certificate
Contact Person Name
Contact Person Phone
Proof of the event: Website/flyer
INCOMPLETE INFORMATION WILL RESULT IN AN INCOMPLETE DONATION. We get dozens of requests every week, and, unfortunately, we cannot honor every request, but we do our best! Depending on the number of donations we are processing at any given time, requests can take 2-6 weeks to fill, so submit your request well in advance for the best chance of the donation being completed in time for your event. HIGH SCHOOL DONATIONS: Our standard donation is a Sun-Thurs overnight stay. If you are making a request on behalf of a high school fundraiser, please specify how the donation will be awarded. Youth under the age of 18 are not allowed to book an overnight stay with us without a parent or guardian, and we would hate for a donated item to go to waste.

Can you create your own spa package?

Of course! We love helping guests create custom packages. Just give us a call at 989.246.8000.


– We always have a staff member on the property, but if you arrive outside of Front Desk hours a staff member may not be at the Front Desk. Please call 989.246.9144  or (989)387-3278 for assistance!

– We’ve gone GREEN! If you are staying multiple nights, housekeeping will not automatically attend to your room. If you would like housekeeping service, hang the appropriate hanger on your door or contact the Front Desk at 989.246.8000.


Book your stay, check availability of Hotels, Suites, and River House, inquire about Lost & Found or schedule a tour!

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Make reservations for a massage, manicure, or other salon and spa service, or purchase a gift card!

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