5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas He’ll Love- Gladwin, MI- The Riverwalk Place

5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas He’ll Love

Hooking your first catch, spending the dewy hours before dawn peering across the horizon in a grassy field, smearing grease all over your brand new jeans in the garage so you look just like your hero – everyone has their own version of this imagery ingrained in memory with dear old Dad.  He’s always been there to teach you more than you could ever say thanks for, but that annual holiday fast approaches that gives you the opportunity to try!


This June 19th is Father’s Day! And we at Riverwalk Place in Gladwin, MI have the perfect list of Father’s Day gift ideas for every budget to help you say “Thanks for being Awesome, Dad!”

  1. RW Threads Lake Life Carved Momento  – It’s no surprise that so many dad-related memories have to do with the lake. After all, it is Michigan! Commemorate those moments so vivid in both your minds with a beautiful carving of the lake you spent so much time on with your father.

2. OASIS Salon & Spa Foot Fix Package or Massage – Don’t skip this one! You’d be surprised how wonderful a nice foot massage can feel for a guy who has worked so hard his whole life! Our Foot Fix Package isn’t just a pedicure, after all.  A lifetime in work boots can really take a toll, and our experienced service providers can take years off of his feet!  But if he can’t get past the stigma, a full-body massage is the perfect back-up plan! Help Dad relieve that achy back with our certified Therapists – he can thank you later.

3. Riverwalk Grill Steak & Beer – If your Dad is the “I don’t want gifts” type, you can always treat him to a delicious Filet Mignon or New York Strip and a refreshing seasonal brew in our River Rock Lounge! Quality time at it’s best!

4. Jeep Creep Registration – Is your Dad the Jeeping type? Who isn’t anymore?! If he hasn’t been to our annual Jeep Creep in October, he needs to go! It’s a weekend every Mid-Michigan Jeep enthusiast looks forward to every year! Besides, it’s a bucket-load of family fun for only $20/ Jeep! Can’t beat that price tag! Learn more about Jeep Creep here.

5. Family Getaway – Some parents sincerely just want time with their kids on Father’s Day.  If your family is the scattered all across Michigan variety, you could gift him with a Family Weekend Getaway, and book our suites or the River House for some close-knit family catch-up time! Add some adventure to the itinerary, like kayaking or fishing, and he’ll be grinning ear-to-ear with pride!

Saying “Thanks” can be a tough process, especially to the guy who’d prefer to crack open a beer and watch the game than hash out feelings in so many words, but the perfect gift can say a thousand things in just the phrase “Happy Father’s Day, Dad.”

What’s your favorite childhood memory of a learning moment with your dad?